Membership Application Procedure


Download the application form by clicking the PDF button on the right .

Please print and complete the application form fully.


Return the completed form and payment to the secretary of the club.


The Management committee will vet all application forms.


Providing there are no objections you may be asked to 

come to a new members meeting.


A notice shall be displayed on the notice board 

advising of the date and time.


Please read the nomination form carefully


Subscriptions are due in January each year.


Please show your membership card to the 

doorman every time you use the club.

Subs                               £7.00               £7.00

Nomination Fee          £5.00               £5.00

CIU Emblem                 £3.50               £3.50 If required (used if visiting other CIU clubs)

Year Card                     £3.50               £3.50 If required (Used in conjunction with CIU emblem paid annually )

Total                             £19.00             £12.00 or £19.00